Modarta is a renowned brand dedicated to fashion and lifestyle. Our brand has been a beacon of quality and style in the industry for 5 years, and we are always looking for innovative ways to expand our reach while providing opportunities for budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts in the retail sector.

We have been closely monitoring the changing dynamics of the retail market and recognize the increasing interest among individuals who wish to test the waters of the retail industry without making substantial investments. In line with our commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and promoting our brand, we are delighted to introduce the "Modarta Retail Market Waters Testing Program."

Program Overview:The Modarta Retail Market Waters Testing Program offers individuals an opportunity to set up a Modarta-branded stall at select exhibitions and events, carefully vetted by our team. Participants in this program are not required to invest in inventory or make any upfront purchases from Modarta. Instead, they pay for the stall space at the actual cost, and we provide them with a curated selection of our latest fashion and lifestyle products to display and sell.

Program Highlights:

  • Zero Inventory Investment: Participants are not obligated to purchase any inventory from Modarta. We will provide a range of our products for their stalls.
  • Exhibition Selection: Modarta will identify and recommend exhibitions and events that align with our brand values and target audience. These events will be carefully vetted to ensure maximum exposure and potential sales.
  • Earnings: Participants will earn 60% of the total sales generated from their stalls during the exhibition. This approach allows them to benefit directly from their efforts.
  • Fulfillment Support: For future orders that participants receive as a result of the exhibition, we will provide seamless fulfillment services with the same revenue-sharing model. This ensures that their business can continue to thrive after the initial exhibition. No separate delivery charges. 

How It Works:

  • Participants apply for the Modarta Retail Market Waters Testing Program.
  • Modarta reviews and approves their application.
  • Modarta provides the selected products, stall setup guidelines, and assistance in preparing for the chosen exhibition.
  • Participants set up their Modarta-branded stall at the exhibition and start selling.
  • After the exhibition, participants receive 60% of the earnings from their sales.
  • Modarta supports participants in fulfilling future orders with the same favorable revenue-sharing terms.

Next Steps:

We would be delighted to discuss this program further and explore potential collaboration opportunities. Our aim is to empower individuals who wish to test the retail market waters while strengthening the Modarta brand presence.Please let us know a convenient time for a meeting or call to discuss the Modarta Retail Market Waters Testing Program in more detail. You can reach me at 8076890817 or via email at .  Thank you for considering our proposal. We look forward to the opportunity to work together and create mutually beneficial partnerships.