Product FAQ's

  1. What if there is colour variation between the product shown on the website and in the actual product I receive ? We ensure that we don't manipulate the brightness or image quality of the product to avoid any colour discrepancies. But slight variation can happen because of the handwoven nature of our products. If you are very concerned about the colour variation you can request a product video from our customer care team on or whatsapp no. +918076890817. 
  2. Can I wash the products ? We highly recommend that you only dry clean the products available on our website. They are premium products and therefore need special care and maintenance. 
  3. Do you do gifting for events like birthday, anniversary, marriage , corporate parties? Yes we do all kind of events at no minimum quantity requirement. We offer customisation as well and special gift boxes suited for every occasion. Please reach to us with your requirement on +918076890817 or
  4. How to I know the authenticity of Pashmina ? Real pashminas are very soft and warm to touch, owing to the thickness of the hair. But they are also matte, which means they don’t have any sheen. If you carefully check the weave against the light, you can see an irregular weave. Pure pashmina is woven on a handloom and hence will always have an irregular weave. These irregularities are a mark of real Pashmina products.Pilling is a quintessential feature with an animal fiber material. If there is no pilling on the shawl, then probably what you have in your hand is a synthetic product.