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Swan Dance Parsi Gara Embroidery Stole with Pearls

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Size : 72" * 20"

Colour : Black 

Fabric : Satin Silk 

This hand embroidered stole looks very elegant on modern and traditional outfits.  You can purchase a parsi embroidered purse to match with the stole. 

Parsi Embroidery is famously known as "Painting in Threads ". It is one of the finest and most intricate style of embroidery and this is the reason it is almost extinct. Parsi Embroidery is treasure worthy and rare to find. 

The Parsi gara embroidery is Indian embroidery with a Persian heritage and a Chinese origin. 

  • Modarta is the only brand to trust for authentic parsi gara work online.
  • You can now buy parsi gara online because of modarta.
  • Parsi Gara Embroidery is one of the most intricate forms of embroidery.
  • Parsi Embroidery is not only rare but also treasure worthy.
  • Gara embroidery designs are intricate motifs derived from nature. Each parsi embroidery design has a story attached to it. 

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