Our Story

Moda in Portuguese mean "Fashion" and Arta in Romanian means "art". Modarta is " where fashion meets art". All our products are handcrafted with love & care by experienced artisans. Different embroidery techniques, embellishments  and patterns are used to ensure that each product is a piece of art. We are India's first contemporary pashmina brand. 

     Kamakshi Gupta is the founder & creative director of Modarta. She started Modarta 2018, shortly after graduating   from Duke University, Fuqua School of Business.

        Modarta is the result of her passion for business, fashion & art.    


PASHMINA CANVAS : Modarta’s USP is the versatile  colours and contemporary designs which are distinctive, stylish and wearable by all age groups.Modarta pashmina collection comes in a  palette of diverse colours which helps break the monotonous black & grey tones of winter wear. A splash of the right colour is the only thing you need to uplift your outfit.

OUTLOOK : Kamakshi grew up admiring her mother’s collection of pashmina shawls and that inculcated a love for pashmina.” I was fascinated with how a shawl or stole can accentuate any outfit. Pashmina is a part of India’s culture and legacy but traditional pashmina designs are not adapted to all demographics and ethnicities. My vision is to give pashmina a global appeal with our contemporary designs. Pashmina should be a part of our everyday lives. Young girls should also wear pashmina”, says Kamakshi 

STANDING OUT: We are available on various fashion portals such as Jaypore, Nykaa Fashion, Myntra, Carma, Ogaan Market, LBB , Etsy,etc .

Pashmina is eternal and royal & it is part of our wedding & gifting culture . Modarta with its eclectic gift boxes help you gift your loved ones something that lasts for a lifetime. The brand offers colour customisation in their single colour & ombre pashmina stoles & shawls.